Replace Your Salary

. . . with your own online business

Here is a plan that can help you reach the dreams you have for yourself.

A quick message from Robert Mason

I struck a deal with a very successful writer, Tony Shepherd, who earns six figures a year from internet marketing, to let me offer this pure gold package to you. The information contained in this report is the reason why he earns so much as an online marketer working at home.
I am personally so pleased with all of his work that I have bought his reports for more than ten years.
I also use the same kind of blueprint, strategies and reasoning in my own business. That’s the reason I have been an internet marketer for more than 20 years.
BUT – the most important thing is what this report can do for you and your online business to enable you to replace your salary!
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From Tony Shepherd himself:
$2,600 a month was my ‘Freedom Figure’. What is yours?
You don’t need to earn six figures from your online business immediately . . .
. . . you simply need the time and freedom to start realizing your true potential;
Replace Your Salary with a fast and simple online profit model.
And I’ll show you how to do it – step-by-step!
My ideal lifestyle cost me $2600 – and that was all I needed to quit my job and work full-time at my online business.
I now earn five-figures a month because freeing myself up from my 9 – 5 job allowed me to focus on building my online business and being able to do what I want with my days.
Listen up – most people don’t get this . . .
. . . they think they have to jump right in and build a huge business that makes thousands a week, put in 18-hour work days and run a team of half-a-dozen outsourcers.
But nothing could be further from the truth!
Because, the fact is that all you need to do is replace your salary with earnings from a simple, core online business and you can free yourself from your 9 – 5 job to concentrate on getting seriously wealthy, if that’s what you want, or just so you can spend your time with loved ones.
Freeing yourself up from your 9 – 5 job is probably the greatest gift you could ever give to yourself and your loved ones!
Remember that gut-churning feeling that ruins your Sunday afternoons because you know you are back at work the next day?
(You can banish that feeling forever)
Or what about the missed school plays, sports days, time with your family watching your children grow up – or just plain old time for yourself missed because you weren’t allowed time off work?
(You’ll have time for all these – and much more)
We all have a finite amount of time on Earth – and to spend one full third of our lives doing something most people actively dislike seems terribly wrong to me.
Hippy-dippy crap?
Work-shy dreamer speak?
Call it whatever you want, but I’ll tell you this right now:
I’m no smarter than you are
I don’t work any harder
And I’m definitely no more motivated or driven than you.
I just freed myself up so I had more time to think about my online business – and once I was able to do that . . .
. . . quite frankly my income exploded!
(Taking a working break – apologies for my boney feet!)
I simply worked out that, if I replaced my salary with an income from an online business, I was basically free.
It’s not as hard as you might think (although you’ll have to put some work in because the internet marketing fairies won’t do it for you!) and it can be done more quickly than you might think.
And while you can work on a laptop while sipping beers on the beach, you’ll probably find that the glare from the sun makes it difficult to see the screen, so you’ll probably prefer working in your PJs with a pot of coffee, like me.
So – what’s on offer here?
For the first time ever, I’m offering my two-part, 58-page ‘Replace Your Salary’ report to subscribers outside my Private Group.
This training has only ever been shared with members of my Private Group and some of them have used it to go full-time online, launch their own products, services, software, consultancies and more, starting their own businesses and freeing themselves up from their 9 – 5 jobs.
Why am I making this available?
Quite simply because this is some of the most effective information I’ve ever shared and, if I’m honest, because I have a blessed life and want to give something back.
Not only is it structured so that each person comes away with a 100% unique business, but it’s designed to get you into a position where you can replace your salary with your online earnings as quickly as possible.
You’ll develop your online business at your own pace and create it around your own strengths and personality, which, in my view, is absolutely vital for success!
In short, you’ll discover what works for you!
I still remember the day when my affiliate commissions first went past the $100,000 mark (remember that was from just sending emails to my list from one affiliate account).
You can start in the next five minutes.
Part I of this 58-page training covers the theory and the approach, techniques and insider methods you need to be aware of before you can put anything into practice.
(It also shows you how you can do this in pretty well any niche.)
Part II covers the practical ‘how to do it’ part and is designed to get things moving as quickly as possible.  In my experience as a coach and mentor, the best way to motivate anyone is to show them money in their account.
That’s what I focus on.
Is it finally time to start changing things for yourself?
Most people stay trapped where they are because they sit around and complain and yet do nothing to change their situation.
You have my respect because you took the time to read what I have to say to you . . . thank you . . . you’ve already started to take action . . . and that deserves respect!
I hope we’ll speak soon
with sincerity
Here’s my personal email address – feel free to use it:

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P.S. The main thing that money gives you is freedom.
If you don’t have financial self-sufficiency then someone else controls your freedom, your time and in essence, your life.

With your permission I’d like to see if I could help you change that…starting right now